Multi-function Rotary Tool (Dremel) In Stock Now

GMC DEC003AC 135 W Multi-Function Rotary Tool

The DEC003AC from GMC is a versatile tool.

Using its 135 W motor, coupled with the variable speed selector, the GMC rotary tool provides you with a solution for most of the task you're faced with around the home and garden.

The rotary operation means the DEC003AC specialises in drilling, boring and sanding applications. GMC also offers an oscillating multi-tool, model number GKOMT12, which is more aimed at sawing and cutting, although this rotary version also accomplishes these tasks.

With a no load speed of between 15,000-35,000 rpm, the DEC003AC is fast and efficient when set to task. Another feature is a flexible drive, allowing the rotary movement to be directed at different angles, like under shelves and around short corners.

Spindle lock is engaged when the button beneath the collet is depressed, allowing safe and simple accessory changes with no risk of damage or injury.

Compatible with any accessory with the correct shank diameter (1.5 mm/2 mm/2.4 mm/3.2 mm).