Liability Waiver and Indemnification Form

Liability Waiver and Indemnification Form

The items in our collection are for the use of BDB members. Out of respect for future users, please take care of the items you borrow and report any damage to BDB immediately. Though borrowers are responsible for damage that they have caused, we promise not to be angry. If you feel compelled to return them in better condition than when you borrowed them, that would be highly appreciated!


I am capable and experienced in using the items I am borrowing, and that I will use the items I am borrowing in a safe and proper manner. I am aware that BDB, its partners, directors, officers, members, volunteers and employees claim no expertise and make no representation concerning the fitness of any item for any particular use.

I, do hereby for myself, on behalf of my heirs, successors, and assigns, in consideration of being permitted to borrow tools, waive any and all claims against BDB, its officers, agents, volunteers and employees for any injury or injuries of any nature that I may suffer or incur in the use of the item that I am borrowing from BDB except those caused by a defect known to BDB and not made known to me.

I agree to release and indemnify and hold harmless BDB, its officers, agents, volunteers and employees from any and all liability, loss, claims, and demands, actions or causes of action for the death or injury to any persons and for any property damage suffered or incurred by any person which arises or may arise or be occasioned in any way from the use or possession of items I am borrowing from BDB.

I have read and fully understand and agree to the General T&C Borrow Don't Buy and I understand that failure to comply with any of these rules may result in revocation of my borrowing privileges and/or legal action against me.

SHORT: I'm responsible for how I use what I borrow, and I won't blame the AWESOME team behind Borrow Don't Buy for what I do with the items.