Cordless Nail Gun Due 28/02/2024

  • ITEM: Cordless Nail Gun

    PLEASE NOTE: This cordless tool is not to be used for especially large jobs, as continuous and strenuous use can knacker the motor. If you have an especially large project on your hands, we recommend seeking out a more industrial tool.


    • A super compact cordless nail gun that requires no compressor, air hoses, gas cartridges or maintenance.

    • Tool less jam release for easy removal of nails, and a low nail indicator to quickly and easily see when it is time to re-load.

    • Belt hook mounts to the right or left side for added convenience.

    • 2 non-marring pads to keep the work surface free of tool marks.

      We can offer small packs of compatible Brad Nails and Finishing Nails as consumables, that you can add to your reservation for your project.


    The perfect tool for woodworking, creating strong joints effortlessly! 


    A PDF manual for the tool can be found by clicking the ‘additional file’ link below. Also, you can click here for a how-to video!


    Included: One battery and one charger

    Essential - Ensure you have the correct nails for your project. We offer small packs of compatible nails, but if you would like to buy a larger pack elsewhere then please make sure they are compatible with this nail gun. Use eye protection, gloves and thick footwear to ensure that all precautions are taken when completing your DIY project.

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