3-in-1 Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner #1 In Stock Now

3-in-1 Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Please always read manual where provided before use to avoid damage to yourself or items.


PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE RETURNING THE CARPET CLEANER PROPERLY CLEANED AND READY FOR ITS NEXT BORROWER! This spray extraction machine is ideal for allergy sufferers and households with pets. Thanks to innovative nozzle technology, cleaned surfaces are dry in half the time. The large, removable 4 litre clean water tank is shock-proof, translucent and is easy to fill and empty. The removed dirty water is collected in the machine container. The 3-in-1 handle enables easy carrying, opening, closing and emptying of the container. The robust plastic container offers space for cord and accessory storage. The extensive accessories enable the machine to be used as a Multi-purpose Vac.


The SE 4001 spray extraction cleaner cleans deep into the fibres of textile surfaces, e.g. carpets, upholstery/upholstered furniture, stairs with textile coverings, mattresses, wall hangings and car seats. (see our upholstery attachment HERE) Tap water and Kärcher RM 519 carpet cleaner are sprayed deep into textile surfaces under pressure and removed together with the dissolved dirt.


  • Super helpful video here!
  • POOR SUCTION? - Check these points: - The hose connector to the bucket can be difficult to push in, the latch on top needs to click into place for it to work best. - Is the air release slide button open (on top of the hose handle)? - Look for blockages in the tubes - Take the motor unit off the bucket and examine the green filter sponge for blockages, e.g. paper, or plastic film
  • NO WATER JET? - Check these points: - There may be an air blockage in the water pump, try leaving the suction motor OFF, and switch on the water pump (the button has an orange light); if the motor runs, but no water sprays through the nozzle, then it’s most likely an air blockage. Give the motor unit a firm shake from side to side to dislodge it and try again. - Is there enough water in the tank? - Is the tank properly attached, with its nozzle connected to the motor unit? - Are all of the water tube connectors (with the grey push buttons) all properly fitted (they click when fitted together)?
Click 'View Manual Here' below to find manual (if available). Let us know if you need a printed copy!


  • Essential - N/A
  • Recommended - We have carpet shampoo as a consumable that you can add to your reservation when you check out your carpet cleaner. If you are planning on using it for more than just carpets such as upholstery please make sure to add the Upholstery Nozzle to your reservation too - see HERE.
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