Gazebo #4 In Stock Now


Please always read manual where provided before use to avoid damage to yourself or items.


  • NOTE: When packing the Gazebo back down again, be sure to leave the cover on! There's no need to remove it except for cleaning prior to returning (if the gazebo cover has gotten dirty while in use it is important that you clean and dry it thoroughly before return), and once clean and dry it can be reattached to the Gazebo frame for ease of use for the next borrower! Simply pop down the covered gazebo into the bag provided, ensuring that the bag of pegs is also in the bag.
  • Pop-up mechanism - quick to assemble and take down, easy to store
  • Dimensions: 3m x 3m
  • Material: Steel (powder-coated)
  • Included: 1x Carrying bag, 1x Gazebo Frame, 1x Gazebo Canopy, 1x Pegs Bag, 8x Pegs


This pop up gazebo provides shade and shelter from the weather, enabling your garden parties and family barbecues to flourish even when Plymouth does the Plymouth thing!


  • Super simple pop-up mechanism makes it easy to put up, take down and store! It is recommended that two people be involved in the set up, as it's very tricky for one person to pull it out all the way. So grab a friend!
Click 'View Manual Here' below to find manual (if available). Let us know if you need a printed copy!


  • Essential - N/A
  • Recommended - Gazebo Weights - Extra insurance for those super windy days! We highly recommend booking the weights if you are unsure of the weather, as it is very easy for the wind to damage the gazebos in irreparable ways!
  • Useful - Side Panels - Perfect for if you need to add side walls onto the gazebo to cut down on wind chill. We have three sets, set #1 we were able to salvage from our late fallen gazebo friend, and so they do not fit perfectly but they do the job just fine! Sets #2 to #6 were made specifically for the gazebos, and so they are a perfect fit!